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Talk to dreamsworld - Numerology Readings and Karmic Astrology in Chelles now. 10-15 years of experience in Karmic Astrology. Hello! You need clarity or you are searching for the right answers in your life ,then i invite you in my room to offer you the help you need. My rate is 1.49 !! My Gifts are :I am a clairvoyant (I see), clairsentient (I know), as well as being a medium, intuitive and empath. Born with these gifts, I have been doing readings professionally since the age of 16; that comes out to over 15 years of experience to put to work for you! I’m always “connected”. I am a Medium, I interpret dreams,. My innate gifts come from both my grandmother and mother,its been given from generation to generation in my family. My Tools :I connect with you ,feel your energy and show to my client what it is I am seeing for them and why. Also i do dream interpretation, feng shui, healings, candle work, prayer work, message from angels. What i can help you with : ✳Love, ✳family, , ✳ relationship issues, ✳relationship identification, ✳business, ✳parenting, ✳friends, ✳profession, ✳care giver support, ✳ emotional healing, , ✳getting “unstuck” in your life, ✳personal motivation, ✳spirit guides – connecting with and helping to identify, ✳ gift analysis (helping you find what your gifts are), ✳career, ✳finance, ✳relocation, ✳ health, ✳rituals, ✳candle work, ✳. My gifts are here for you. With over 15 years experience doing readings as a psychic, I of course can do a reading on just what I can pick up from your energy. *I can tell you what dreams come true, and what dreams are signs! *I work with some cards that are direct messages from Angels about a new love, our soul mate, health, prosperity, our mission in life and future. I'm here every day for you to give you the clarity you need.....Blessings!

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