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Chat with FuzzyKirk - Western Astrology and Karmic Astrology in Chelles online. 3 years of practice in Karmic Astrology. I specialize in Western Astrology and am highly recommened and consulted by other advisors on Oranum! Snag me for a Private Reading anytime for any of the following insightful astrological readings below: TYPES OF READINGS I OFFER: -------------------------------------------- ASTROLOGICAL BIRTH/NATAL CHART: In ten minutes or less, I go in depth into describing your birth/natal chart pinpointing your core personality, values, talents, challenges, best partners for you, ideal career areas, identify missing energy voids and give you advice on how to correct them, and show you in which direction your dharma/best enlightening path lies for you. This chart can also be performed equally so on other people you know too! So get one on your mom or your best friend and understand what makes them tick! There are over 14 major placements I analyze in Natal Chart alone. So there is a lot of information to discover and enjoy in Natal charts! :D ASTROLOGICAL COMPATIBILITY/SYNASTRY CHARTS: This type of reading is GREAT FOR COUPLES in LOVE/RELATIONSHIPS, and analyzing relationships with friends, family members, and business partners. For a compatibility reading, two or more people's natal charts are compared and contrasted by signs and houses to gauge the amount of compatibility in regards to long term potential, do the personality styles mesh or clash, ease of communication, compatibility of goals, work ethic, and approach to life, and attraction/magnetism. ASTROLOGICAL TRANSITS CHARTS: This type of chart is excellent for doing short term to long term predictions based off energies moving in the sky that directly affect you natal signs and houses. This type of reading is fab for calculating ideal times for improvements in your love life, career path, moving/relocation, and understanding what energies are effecting your current situation and emotions. A very popular and useful chart!!! ASTROLOGICAL PROGRESSED NATAL CHART: Here we take your's (or someone else's) natal chart and compare it to its progressed natal chart which show what types of long term energies around you now. A progressed natal chart goes through the cycle of a sign every 29 years. For example if you are a Capricorn, you might now be having an Aquarius or Pisces experience depending on how far along you are through your progression. These types of charts show what types of long term challenging or opportunistic energies you have around you and are ideal for understanding why you keep encountering certain patterns that you didn't used to before. GREAT FOR BUSINESS, FINANCES, AND CAREERS! FREE CHAT RULES: ---------------------------- 1.) DO NOT ASK ME FOR A FREE READING! Please take me to private and enjoy a full indepth reading instead! :) 2.) No bullying or fighting me or other members in the chat. Please be nice and get along. 3.) Any sexual harassment or inuendo, and you will be banned. DEMO RULES (For offical Oranum scheduled demos only) -------------------- 1.) For Oranum's offical demos, I will pick only one member to receive a quick natal chart analysis for a duration of 2-3 minutes! Very simple rule! :)

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